DryKids Bed Wetting Coach Online

Skype coaching

Online Training for bed wetting and encopresis with Skype or Zoom

If you’ve tried drugs, alarms, restricting water, without success… then you need expert help. Our Skype Coaching brings the best solutions right into your home. We teach the right exercises to address the causes, call back often to guide parents through different issues, and guide the case by Skype (or Duo), phone, and email until the bed wetting is resolved for good. Current clients are in most provinces of Canada as well as Arizona, Maine, California, New Zealand, England…

We should talk to both parents and the child, by web cam. This first session is best done in the evening after dinner, on a weekend if possible (best for the child, with no school the next morning). The ideal way is by Zoom invitation – it’s very easy to use – because we can see teaching materials at the same time.

bed wtting solutions by Skype

Distance Coaching


What’s Included:

Initial free phone consult to determine if this is best for your child: in some cases we recommend seeing a doctor about possible medical complications, but this is rare. We’d like to ask a few questions to give you a timeline and suggested remedies.

  • Online coaching by Skype or Duo: first session with both parents and child, one hour by Skype or Google Duo with Coach Peter Grisé establishes causes and begins your sleep training. While you work in bladder and sleep exercises we send the supplies.
  • Second 30-minute session introduces our online lessons, and supplies including a bed wetting alarm of a design most appropriate for your case.
  • Continuing counseling by phone and email leads you through the 4 Steps program, which generally involves constant progress for about 6 weeks to get to completely dry at night.

Lets Get Started:

  1. Contact me  by email or call 289-813-1613 and suggest a time for this online meeting
  2. Begin the process with payment by credit card at Paypal or email transfer to peter@drykids.ca , of  $250