Bed wetting treatment in-home or online

Bed Wetting therapy really works

“Helping your child to stop bed wetting is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a parent..”  Dr. Howard Bennett

Bed wetting treatment teaches parents how to fix the causes of the problem

The DryKids bed wetting program is a fast, effective and actually fun method, taught to therapists by the Try for Dry program of Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital as well as hospital clinics in Boston and London, England. They recognize that bed wetting isn’t really a medical problem, it’s behavioral.

These clinics teach that bed wetting is a “multi-causal” problem and responds well to a “multi-modal” solution. In other words we identify the causes, then teach and encourage the bed wetter to overcome his or her causes.

DryKids Coaches bring this method to homes in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Mexico City and we are actively searching for retired nurses, teachers and therapists to learn how help more children.


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DryKids Coaching: 4 Steps in 4 Weeks

  • Identify and relieve the common causes
  • Lighten sleep with a new bed time routine
  • Train and tone the bladder with exercises & hydration
  • Learn to wake up and later, sleep through, a bladder signal.


todays parent bed wetting solution “When your kid wakes up with wet sheets, it can leave him feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, and leave you sleepless, stressed and buried in laundry. Parents who try restricting water or waking their kids during the night find that the problem only persists and the whole family becomes more sleep-deprived. We called in the experts – Dr. Lane Robson, and DryKids Coach Peter Grise – to teach us their simple but not-so-obvious bed wetting solutions….  read more

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Home visits in Ontario and Skype coaching anywhere:

  • Age 7 to Adult bed wetting – Coaching with in-home training in Ontario costs less than pull-ups
  • Long Distance coaching – available anywhere online with Skype and video lessons
  • Free advice for kids age 7 to 17 – many visitors to this page are children, and we are happy to connect them to our video lessons. Email me..
  • Daytime wetting (diurnal enuresis) is quick and easy to fix
  • Soiling (encopresis) fixed quickly at any age. Really!
  • Night terrors – don’t wait to ‘outgrow it’ because the cure is simple

A DryKids in-home consult is followed up by phone and email, with daily coaching to motivate and teach as the child goes from one step to another in retraining sleep patterns.

You will see different sleep patterns immediately, without drugs. If you can answer ‘yes’ to a few simple questions before we arrange an appointment, we can identify the likely causes in your case.

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Toronto Coach Peter and Dr. Lane Robson interviewed by Today’s Parent

Bed wetting experts in U.S. and Canada

“Peter is an angel.. we’re saving so much on detergent…” Foster parents of 4 kids

Deep Sleep and Bedwetting:

Children have to go to bed ‘comfortable in mind, comfortable in body’ to learn to trigger the night-mode hormone. Sleep can be complicated by stress or misunderstandings at age 4, then deep sleep becomes a habit. We can assess the causes and remedies for you, in a short free phone consult.

Our DryKids training is done in-home or by Skype, and takes about 90 minutes.  See our testimonials here…

No bed wetting drugs, no pull-ups. Every child can be dry.

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“DryKids coaching is the answer to bed wetting woes in Southern Ontario”
Chatelaine’s SweetMama, May 2012   Read More