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Bed Wetting Ebooks that actually help!

If you’ve searched the internet, asked your doctor, talked about bed wetting with friends and family…. then you will know that good advice is hard to find.

  • Restrict water? Most moms instinctively know this is a bad idea. In fact it prolongs bed wetting, as you’ll see in our video courses.
  • Wake her up?  Yes you get a dry bed, but it doesn’t help unless the child was ready to be dry anyway.
  • Medication?  There are three drugs available: an anti-depressant, a kidney suppressor, and a bladder relaxant. They don’t work to end bed wetting, they just give you a holiday from wetting.

The methods in our ebooks are simply parenting. We teach parents how to fix bladder and bowel issues, encourage lighter sleep, and motivate from success to success. These methods are well known by experts but bed wetting is a secret lifestyle problem, not a medical problem.

Your ebook purchase includes a series of six 5-minute videos to teach and motivate children to “be boss of my bladder.”

How to end bed wetting for age 3, 4, 5, 6 years

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Guide to Dry Nights age 3 to 6

  • Wait till age 3 and the child is interested in being dry
  • Teach a new bed time routine that improves sleep quality
  • How to tune up the bladder and motivate the child to better habits

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$29.95 with videos

Age 6 to Adult: 4 Steps in 4 Weeks to Dry, day and night

Enuresis consultants have known for decades just how to end bed wetting, soiling, and daytime accidents, but they guarded their secrets because of fees as high as $3000 U.S. This books teaches their secreta, leading you step by step through use of an alarm, behavioral modification, elimination diets, and water-gulping, to fix the problem once and for all.




Psst… a word about encopresis (soiling)

Daytime bowel and bladder accidents are easily fixed, but parents just don’t like to talk about the causes and cures. If your child has a problem with encopresis, or daytime wetting and soiling, we can help you to fix that. Here are the Signs of Encopresis



“He’s so proud of himself…”

“Don’t wait, my son was dry in two weeks…



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