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Do bed wetting alarms work?

When bed wetting alarms don’t work: Coach Peter explains

Every year, thousands of bed wetting (enuresis) alarms are sold on Amazon, with prices from $50 to $250. But do they work?

About DryKids Bed WettingCoachHere’s a simple test, before you buy one. Set an alarm clock for two hours after the child goes to sleep. Find out if it wakes the child three nights in a row. This won’t solve the bed wetting problem, but it tells you if the child would hear it at all. In fact most of the families that I work with have tried bed wetting alarms with no success at all. They just didn’t know that the alarm is meant to tell parents when the child is sleeping badly, and give them a chance to fix it.



frustrated bed wetter age 8If it doesn’t help, the alarm frustrates a child

The instructions included with bed wetting alarms are generally about how to put the battery in, and how to turn it on and off. They really should include a 10-page booklet to cover all of the causes of bed wetting, because the alarm treats only one issue. For it to work at all, you should simultaneously address sensitivities, motivation, and waking methods.

Once you’ve tried several methods to help your child stop bed wetting, the problem may be prolonged because the child thinks “Mom can’t help, the doctor can’t help…”   That’s when you need an intervention.


DryKids Training at home in Ontario

How we use the enuresis alarm in the DryKids training:

In cases when we use bed wetting alarms, it is just one aspect of treatment. It is meant to teach the child how to wake up at the first sign of wetting the bed, and eventually to wake up before it sounds. It is meant to put itself out of business!


  •  First, use an elimination diet to remove foods that commonly irritate the bladder or brain..
  • Then initiate bladder and sleep exercises..
  • Next, set up a bed time exercise to create lighter sleep..
  • Begin a program of motivation…

And use the alarm in a four-step process to create the night mode hormone:

  • The alarm wakes the parents when the child is sleeping too deeply, too long. Fix it.
  • Then the child begins to hear it.
  • And soon he begins to anticipate it, and get up.
  • And finally he learns to feel bladder pressure and go back to sleep.

PLEASE don’t spend a fortune on a fancy device; try a cheap one, or call us.

The $250 you could spend on a fancy device that doesn’t work, is the same as the cost of our Long Distance Coaching. We include bed wetting alarms, personal coaching by Skype or Duo or phone and internet. Our average time to dry is 8 weeks, but with a motivated parent and child it can be as little as three weeks to dry.

bed wtting solutions by Skype

Distance Coaching Kit


The DryKids Kit:

We ship our bed wetting alarm kits all over the world, from BC to Dubai, California to China! The kit includes our DryKids Manual, a buzzer appropriate for your child’s gender and age, and motivational materials.  Only $89




Skype coachingDon’t live in Ontario Canada? We also teach on Skype

There are very few bed wetting therapists anywhere, especially in less populated Canadian provinces and U.S. states. Skype coaching is way more effective than purchasing a bed wetting alarm, and it costs only $250 including 90 minutes of personal Coaching, our Kit and Video Series. Most recently – two kids in Saskatchewan both ‘got dry’ in a few weeks.

4 Ways to Dry: in-home training in Toronto, KW and London; Skype, ebooks & phone consults

Home Page: How the DryKids method works to stop bed wetting


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