Bed wetting alarms can work in some, but not all, cases

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DryKids Ontario  Coach Peter Grise

Every year, thousands of bed wetting (enuresis) alarms are sold online ($50 to $150) and in many cases are tossed aside after the first week. Although the bed wetting alarm is an important part of any drybed training program, it is not a complete solution.

  • Not recommended for kids under age 6
  • May not wake the child. See the test below

Bed wetting is a ‘multi-causal’ problem, easily fixed with a ‘multi-modal’ solution’

How Sara ends bed wetting

Sara Dimerman – Psychologist, Parenting and Relationship Expert, Vaughan Ontario

If your child is still bedwetting beyond the age of six, you may have explored options such as the urine alarm system or medication as a way of helping him stop. However, most literature supports an approach that includes some behaviour modification – either on its own or in conjunction with other methods. Teaching a child new skills and techniques that support his staying dry, along with employing other interventions, often has longer lasting effects than when only one approach is employed at a time…..


To be sure of an end to the bed wetting,  you need to address all of the causes, and you do want to do it right because after you’ve tried various things – waking, restricting water, doctors, drugs – the child can be frustrated and unwilling to give anything a fair go. The bed wetting alarm can address one issue but there are many causes: anxiety, Food sensitivities, Constipation, Bowel & bladder issues, Misunderstandings, Little sisters. Yes, 40% of all the little boys that I have coached to dry, happen to have a sister who is exactly 3 years younger!

If your child is under age 6, I can still help with some free advice. Call me, I’m happy to help you understand the causes and possible remedies. In some cases it’s easy to fix! I met a 22-year-old woman who just had to stop eating chocolate ice cream at bed time to fix her problem! I can’t help children under 6 years of age with counseling, but it’s not hard to fix at that age. I’m happy to give free advice.

Before you buy an alarm try this simple test:

About DryKids Bed WettingCoachBed wetting alarms are expensive, from $50 to $250 and parents tend to go for the more expensive alarms. In many cases these alarms are set aside for good after the first week because it was no help at all! The child is frustrated and the problem is worse than ever.

Try this Set an alarm clock for two hours after the child goes to sleep. Find out if it wakes the child three nights in a row. This won’t solve the bed wetting problem, but it tells you if the child would hear a buzzer.


3 ways we can help you to end bed wetting:

  • Good:    DryKids Alarm package   $89
  • Better:  Online coaching with alarm package $250
  • Best:     At-home personal help with Coach Peter $499

In cases when we use a bed wetting alarm, it is just one aspect of treatment. The other components train a child to sleep more lightly, hydrate properly, train and enlargen balky bladders.

  •  We teach an elimination diet to remove foods that commonly irritate the bladder or brain..
  • Then initiate bladder and sleep exercises..
  • Next, set up a bed time exercise to create lighter sleep..
  • Begin a program of motivation…

And then use the alarm in a four-step process to teach a child (or adult) how to train the bladder to sleep dry throughout the night.


DryKids Coaching is a fast, fun and easy way to ensure success.

The $250 you could spend on a fancy device that doesn’t work, is the same as the cost of our Long Distance Coaching. We include bed wetting alarms, personal coaching by Skype or Zoom or phone and internet. Our average time to dry is 8 weeks, but with a motivated parent and child it can be as little as three weeks to dry.

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Distance Coaching Kit


The DryKids Kit:

We ship our bed wetting alarm kits all over the world, from BC to Dubai, California to China! The kit includes our DryKids Manual, a buzzer appropriate for your child’s gender and age, and motivational materials.  Only $89



Skype coachingDon’t live in Ontario Canada? We also teach on Skype

There are very few bed wetting therapists anywhere, especially in less populated Canadian provinces and U.S. states. Skype coaching is way more effective than purchasing a bed wetting alarm, and it costs only $250 including 90 minutes of personal Coaching, our Kit and Video Series. Most recently – two kids in Saskatchewan both ‘got dry’ in a few weeks.


4 Ways to Dry: in-home training in Toronto, KW and London; Skype, ebooks & phone consults

Home Page: How the DryKids method works to stop bed wetting

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