Bed Wetting Solutions, Ontario

4 Ways to stop bed wetting

1: Call me. It’s free. Even at 3am!

I get messages from Moms who sound desperate at 3am! I’m always happy to help a child. If there is a simple step that you can do to stop the bed wetting, I’ll be glad to help. In some cases – fairly rare – I might suggest a doctor’s visit. If your child is under age 6, I’ll recommend remedies. By asking a few questions I can help you to determine the causes of bed wetting, and best remedies.  Message line in Aurora: 289-813-1613


bed wetting solutions

2. Read an Ebook

Ebooks:  My ebooks come in various formats for readers, printout, or computer reading. (epub, pdf, word). Have you been wondering if you’ve been given good advice? Is there another method that might work better? Do you understand the causes?  A small investment in an ebook may be all that you need.  SEE MORE HERE



3. Skype Training for bed wetting and encopresis

If you’ve tried drugs, alarms, restricting water, without success… then you need expert help. Our Skype Coaching brings the best and most successful solutions right into your home. We teach the right exercises to address the causes, call back often to guide parents through different issues, and guide the case by Skype, phone, and email until the bed wetting is resolved for good. Current clients are in most provinces of Canada as well as Arizona, Maine, California, New Zealand, England… $100 for a one-hour session with online video training, or $250 including coaching, online lessons, and supplies including a bed wetting alarm of a design most appropriate for your child’s age.  Contact Us


4. In-home personal coaching in Ontario

There is no reason for a child to suffer from bed wetting when it can be fixed so quickly. Personal coaching is fast, fun and easy. We provide the supplies, education, and tools to make it work. From the very first day your child will be proud and confident, learning new skills to become ‘boss of my bladder’. We can help with night terrors, sleepwalking, sleep apnea.. all symptoms of the same causes as bed wetting.