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You’ve probably considered using a ‘bed wetting alarm’ but before you buy one you should know that they generally don’t even wake the child if they sleep too deeply. You can test this by setting an alarm clock for two hours after your child’s bed time. If your child doesn’t wake easily, you need to treat the causes of the deep sleep first. Discomfort either physical or emotional seems to cause deep sleep, and the improper sleep allows bed wetting.


Bed wetting is hard to beat because it’s a multi-causal problem, and needs multi-modal methods to end it. The techniques that really work to end bed wetting are taught in many hospital clinics, but are most effective when a Coach is involved to provide support and motivation. The 4Step method helps you teach your child new habits that fix all the causes.

We were desperate to help our six-year-old son stop wetting the bed. He wet the bed EVERY night for almost three years. We had gone to the paediatrician, urinary clinic, and even done sleep apnea testing and an EEG. Finally, we found DryKids.
Wow! After speaking with Peter on Skype and beginning the program our son was 100% dry in less than 3 months! Without medication!
I have since found out this is not uncommon and they don’t grow out of it. All it takes are some simple changes. I recommend DryKids to every parent I know!

Bed wetting alarm kit

DryKids Coaching is a fast, fun and easy way to ensure success.

The $250 you could spend on a fancy device that doesn’t even help, is the same as the cost of our Long Distance Coaching. We include bed wetting alarms, personal coaching by Skype or Zoom or phone and internet. Our average time to dry is 8 weeks, but with a motivated parent and child it can be as little as three weeks to dry.

A complete bed wetting solution including:

  • An initial interview on Zoom to determine the causes
  • A package with a DryKids moisture alarm, charts, and instructions
  • A further 30-minute Zoom call to teach bed time exercises
  • Regular phone calls to guide step by step over several weeks or months as necessary
  • This costs $250, and you’ll save that in pull-ups in no time.

See Details:   $129 alarm package, or $250 Coaching + alarm package

Even the $129 package includes free expert advice by Zoom or phone. Contact Me with questions

Bed wetting alarms can work in some, but not all, cases


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