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Bed wetting solutions that probably didn’t work for you: 

  • “Restrict water,”
  • “Wake her up,”
  • “He’ll outgrow it!,” and
  • “There’s a drug for that.”

The first step in helping your child to overcome enuresis is to forget everything that you’ve heard! The real experts in this field have a time-tested method that is simple, fast, and drug-free.

4 Steps in 4 Weeks to a Dry Bed Every Night

  • Treat for all of the common causes simultaneously
  • Teach exercises to be “boss of your bladder”
  • Teach ‘water gulping’ for hydration control
  • Adjust deep sleep to normal waves deep to light

Bed wetting can take a toll on a child’s self esteem, the quality of their sleep and even their performance in school, even into the teen years. England’s National Health Service says that bed wetting is “childhood’s second worst trauma, second only to divorce.”  That’s a shame because every child can be dry, by addressing the common causes systematically.

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Bed wetting solutions that fix the causes:

Very effective bed wetting programs have been used by hospital clinics and enuresis (bed wetting) consultants for decades, with success rates as high as 90% –  even higher if done by a home visit from a therapist.


Common causes of enuresis include..

  • Food sensitivities, fixed with elimination diets
  • Deep sleep, fixed with behaviour modification
  • Food colours, specific ones to avoid
  • Small or nervous bladder, fixed with bladder exercises
  • Stress, fixed with sleep coaching

Learning to trigger Vasopressin, the night-mode hormone

As adults we all do it. An hour after going to sleep we get a bladder signal, and choose to hold it all night. That decision triggers a night-mode hormone which tells the kidneys to slow down while we sleep. What we find very frustrating is that children often wet right through pull-ups and onto the sheets, actually losing the hydration that they need for healthy, restful sleep. These kids just didn’t learn how to trigger Vasopressin.

Psst… a word about encopresis (soiling)

Daytime bowel and bladder accidents are easily fixed, but parents just don’t like to talk about the causes and cures. If your child has a problem with encopresis, or daytime wetting and soiling, we can help you to fix that.

See more here:    Encopresis diagnosis and treatment



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“DryKids Coaching is the answer to bed wetting woes in southern Ontario”   .. Chatelaine’s SweetMama

Therapist, nutritionist, author

“I’ve helped hundreds of families in Ontario with in-home advice, and around the world too; by Skype, and Youtube videos that were visited over 50,000 times.
Don’t hesitate to call me for a bit of free advice, I’m always ready to help a child.”

3 ways we can help


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See the e-books

1. E-books for ages 3 to 6, and 6 to adult

Bed wetting solutions should be age-appropriate. Age 3 to 6, easy to fix.  Age 6 to adult, a little more complicated. Changes to habits, food issues, daytime bowel & bladder accidents.. how to use a bed wetting alarm, how to motivate, how to teach a child to trigger the hormone Vasopressin.



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Distance Coaching

2. Long Distance Coaching

DryKids bed wetting solutions teach parents how to incorporate new habits into the daily routine with Skype coaching and video lessons. The success rate is almost as good as in-home coaching, and far better than simply buying a bed wetting alarm. Have you tried a bed wetting alarm? Generally they don’t even wake the child, without supporting remedies that prepare the body and modify the sleep so that they can hear the signal.


3. Personal Coaching for age 6 to Adult

Read more….

We will come right to your home on a weekend evening if you live in southern Ontario, but first think about these three questions:

  • Is the child generally healthy?
  • Has he or she a good reason to get dry, or asked for help?
  • Is a parent willing to get up often once or twice a night to help the child?

If you’ve answered “yes” to those questions, I can guarantee that your child can be dry soon, without drugs. It’s fast, fun and easy. Listen In to our Moms at the “Testimonial” page, or call me now, 289-813-1613 leave a message about when to call you back.


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Listen in to testimonials from 4 Moms

“He’s so proud of himself…”

“Don’t wait, my son was dry in two weeks…

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