4Steps / 4Weeks Bed Wetting Alarm Program

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If you’ve tried a ‘bed wetting alarm’ before you probably found that it didn’t even wake the child. The DryKids method is different, it works because it treats all of the causes of bed wetting:


The techniques that complement the bed wetting alarm are taught in many hospital clinics, but are most effective when a Coach is involved to provide support and motivation. The 4Step method helps you teach your child new habits that fix all the causes.

Bed wetting alarm kit


More than a bed wetting alarm, it’s a complete solution:

  • An initial interview on Zoom to determine the causes
  • A package with a DryKids moisture alarm, charts, and instructions
  • A further 30-minute Zoom call to teach bed time exercises
  • Regular phone calls to guide step by step over several weeks or months as necessary
  • This costs $250, and you’ll save that in pull-ups in no time.

See Details:   $89 alarm package, or $250 Coaching + alarm package


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